Thursday, 30 August 2012



 So guys this is my first proper post! I've been wanting to start a blog for a while now as a place to share my inspiration and interests and iv'e finally got round to doing it. Sorry this isn't an extremely exciting post but i needed something to start me off as i'm still getting the hang of this blogging business!

I was searching through the ASOS website recently (as i often do) and came across a whole range of spiked accessories including these jewellery items which i have fallen in love with, especially the half spiked collar necklace. I first became a fan of the whole 'studs and spikes' trend when i came across pictures of studded shorts on tumblr a while back and since then i have been slightly obsessed with all things studded! I need to get hold of some studs soon so i can cover every item of clothing i own. I found this 100pc of studs on ebay for only £1! (not including postage) so i think doing a few DIY projects will save me a fair amount of money, although in an ideal world i would love to be able to just buy every item from The Ragged Priest instead.