Sunday, 23 September 2012

Some Velvet Vintage

Just a few of my favourite looks/ pieces from the shop!

Photos from the S/S 2012 Lookbook - Girls of Summer

Photos from the Fall 2012 Lookbook - Siamese Dream
All photos from Some Velvet Vintage

Here are a few of my favourite pieces from the online shop Some Velvet Vintage and a few photos from their lookbooks. I first came across this shop when Madeline mentioned it on her blog (Jean Greige) and straight away thought it was amazing. They are based in the US and sell really cool vintage clothing for really reasonable prices. As well as the Etsy shop they also have a blog, tumblr and facebook and twitter pages so you can check them out on various different sites! 

Oh and also i think that the model (Erin McCurdie) really looks like Lexi (SoTotallyVlog) from Youtube, does anyone else agree?!

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Review - UK Glamorous Disco Pants

(Currently available in Noir, Black, Royal Blue, Pewter, Gold)

 I promised a while ago that i would do a proper review of the UK Glamorous Disco Pants that i bought during the summer. After seeing the American Apparel Disco Pants pretty much every where and on everyone, i knew that i wanted a pair. I asked for them for christmas last year but i don't think my parents were too happy about the idea of spending £70 on a pair of 'shiny trousers' so i didn't end up getting them. That did work out for the best as i ended up getting these instead for around £27! (along with a 10% off voucher and postage) 

When i saw these on the website my immediate reaction was that they looked pretty much exactly the same as the AA ones. They have the same shiny look, back pockets, are very high waisted and even have the thick side seams. I find that they are extremely comfy to wear and that the material is of a good quality, not too thick, not too thin.
 I can't really compare the quality or fit of them to the AA ones as i've never tried them on, but you'd expect that you'd get better quality for the much higher price. Although saying that i have heard that people have had bad experiences with the AA Disco Pant quality such as pockets falling off and holes being made in the fabric within the first few wears! 
I ordered my UK Glamorous disco pants in a size 10 and they did come out true to size for me although the website advises that you go up a size because of the tight fit. They are extremely flattering and i think they would look good on most body shape as they really suck you in! The only few down sides i have for them is that the colour is more charcoal than black, but this is also stated on the website and they now have a new 'noir' pair which are supposedly more black. Another is that they can only be hand washed but this can't be helped because of the properties of the material. 
Overall i would highly recommend the UK Glamorous disco pants to anyone who is interested in the look and style of the AA disco pants but does not want to pay the extortionate price. They are available in a few different colours and the website also has a lot of other affordable clothing. There are quite a few other places selling disco pants dupes at the moment so let me know if any of the others are any good!

If you want to see photos of me wearing my disco pants then check out my outfit of the days! (Checkin It Out & Studded Camo

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Polyvore Update

Punk Rock
Punk Rock by beautiful-ugly-pretty featuring red tartan pants

Wasted Youth
Wasted Youth by beautiful-ugly-pretty featuring striped shorts

Wildlife by beautiful-ugly-pretty featuring spike shoes

Victoria by beautiful-ugly-pretty featuring creeper shoes

Here are a few recent sets i created on Polyvore, i love creating outfits but it makes me wish that i had unlimited money to afford all of the amazing clothes. For more of this, links to my Polyvore, Tumblr and Instagram are located under my blog title if you are interested!

Friday, 14 September 2012

Girl Crush - Rihanna

Photos from Google Images

I thought i'd share these pictures with you of some of Rihanna's stage and street style outfits that i particularly like. I think she has such a diverse and interesting style which is ever changing and evolving. 
The last picture is from the TV programme 'Styled to Rock' which gives young and upcoming British designers a chance to style a number of celebrities, the winner will also have the chance to style Rihanna and create an outfit for her to wear on stage! (I recommend watching it if you aren't already) It's on Tuesday nights and i've been really getting into it. I find creative programmes to do with fashion and style very inspiring as i would love to be able to make my own clothes or create an extravagent stage outfit for someone. Sadly i don't think i'm quite that talented!

Monday, 10 September 2012

Tunnel Vision

Tunnel Vision is an online boutique owned by Madeline and Brit, who both have personal style blogs which you should definitely check out if you haven't already. I love everything on the website and how all the looks are styled to perfection. I also absolutely love the model Seaghna (the one with the purple hair) and her blog, she has such an interesting, unique style and i just generally think she is amazing, even her name is beautiful.

Monday, 3 September 2012

Bitching & Junkfood

Bitching & Junkfood X Solestruck Lookbook

Bitching & Junkfood Made AW12 Lookbook
I am in love with Bitching & Junkfood. I especially love the 'Born on the 24th July' Lookbook as one of the models is Nyane who i have admired for a long time. Maybe one day in the very distant future i will treat myself to those beautiful studded shorts and fringed leggings...

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Girl Crush - Miley Cyrus

Photos from either Tumblr or Google Images

I often see pictures of Miley's 'Street Style' in magazines and i've noticed she always manages to look effortlessly cool wherever she goes. I have grown to love her more and more over the last year or two as her style has evolved into a grungy, rocker, vintage sort of mix which i think is amazing. I love the way she tends to keep her outfits quite simple and casual but then piles on edgy accessories to make it more interesting.
Whilst on tumblr recently i came across this last picture of Miley with her new pixie cut, i know a lot of people hate it but i actually really like it! I think it really suits her face shape and also think it's inspiring that she's not afraid to go for something different and not care about what other people think.