Friday, 14 September 2012

Girl Crush - Rihanna

Photos from Google Images

I thought i'd share these pictures with you of some of Rihanna's stage and street style outfits that i particularly like. I think she has such a diverse and interesting style which is ever changing and evolving. 
The last picture is from the TV programme 'Styled to Rock' which gives young and upcoming British designers a chance to style a number of celebrities, the winner will also have the chance to style Rihanna and create an outfit for her to wear on stage! (I recommend watching it if you aren't already) It's on Tuesday nights and i've been really getting into it. I find creative programmes to do with fashion and style very inspiring as i would love to be able to make my own clothes or create an extravagent stage outfit for someone. Sadly i don't think i'm quite that talented!


  1. I think everyone must have a crush on can you not? I love watching Styled To Rock too!

    1. I know she's just amazing, i can't decide who i want to win! x