Thursday, 4 October 2012

Saga Sig

Some of my favourites from her body of work
All photos by Saga Sig

Saga Sig is a photographer from Iceland who is now based in London. I adore her work. She has worked with an amazing range of clients such as Topshop, Nylon, Dazed and Confused and I-D online. She is my inspiration, i want to do exactly what she does, her job is my dream. I think all of her work is absolutely incredible, so striking and unique. For such a young photographer she has achieved such amazing work and has been given so many opportunities to work with different designers and interesting people. It makes me think that i should probably use my camera more. 

Her Website, Blog and Tumblr share her talent with the world, you should really go and look at more of her work right now!


  1. Her work is extremely striking and unique! Love Saga Sig!! And If I had a great camera also, I would take advantage of it soooo much! Great post!

  2. You're posts give me so much information! Love your blog! xxx

    1. thank you! i'm glad you like it xxx