Wednesday, 11 September 2013

New Watch - Michael Kors Dupe

Rose Gold Watch - Ebay £10.99

So I have been lusting after the renowned Michael Kors watches for some time now but sadly do not have the spare cash to fork out a couple of hundred pounds for a watch. After scouring the internet for a cheaper alternative I came across this on good old ebay, an exact copy/fake of the real deal and for only £10.99 with free postage! 
I was slightly doubtful about how good the quality of the item would be as it was from Hong Kong but surprisingly it is excellent! It came packaged in a plain black gift box and along with the watch you also receive a free necklace! (which I probably won't wear as it's not my style but still!) I did have to adjust the sizing as the watch is unisex but it was easy enough to take out the links myself which also saved me the money of getting it professionally altered. 
Overall I am so so pleased with everything about this item, it arrived a couple of weeks after I had purchased it so the delivery was pretty quick too. I would definitely recommend checking out this seller if you're interested in Michael Kors watches but like me are on a budget, as well as rose gold it is also available in gold, silver and mixed metal too! 


  1. Omg i love it, and it looks real haha!x

  2. do you still have the sellers name or link? ta

  3. Hi sorry for the late reply! here's the link :